The seed was planted

When Tamara and Greer met at a dinner party back in 1999, little did they know the seed was planted for what would become a long-term, business relationship. Tamara and Greer share a love for both creative arts and business and each possess individual strengths that compliment the other – Tamara’s strength is in pictures and Greer’s is in words. Creatively, they just gel. For more than a decade, they collaborated artistically and commercially on various projects before Greer approached Tamara to be her business partner to launch Hot Tresses.


Greer grew up with business all around her, and while she swore off ever marrying an entrepreneur, Greer has surprised herself by becoming one. Greer holds a Bachelor Business in Journalism a Graduate Diploma in Japanese and holds certificates in Film and Television. For the past two decades she has worked with some of Australia’s most iconic Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) brands in both product development and communications, so is excited to finally launch her own brand alongside Tamara. Greer has a very strong interest in health and wellness, having been in worked in health communications at a university before starting her own communications agency. Her interest in health strengthened with the birth of her first son, who suffered allergies and asthma. Greer grew up on an organic hobby farm at the base of Mount Tamborine, Queensland and from her teen years experimented with various homemade beauty remedies. She also loves to cook and very much likens the product development process for Hot Tresses to creating one of her original recipes. Greer is mother to two adorable and very health-aware boys who keep both her and her husband David on their toes.



A director of multiple companies, Tamara is an entrepreneur with a special interest in businesses that ‘do good’. Tamara set up her first business not long after starting her first job as a graduate in Fine Arts. Not one to accept that exceeding her own goals was ever ‘good enough’. Tamara has consistently sought out mentors to better herself. By maintaining the humility to learn, Tamara has by default become an expert herself and is a globally sought-after speaker on a number of business related topics. In 2016, she’ll become President for Queensland’s chapter of the elite, but male-dominated Entrepreneur Organisation (EO) having recently taken home three awards for the same group. As well has having a head for business, Tamara is one of those rare humans who possesses extraordinary artistic talent – from singing and songwriting to drawing and painting. A mother of two gorgeous girls to her stay-at-home partner, Tamara is constantly discovering and consolidating new opportunities, which keep family life interesting and exciting.

Tamara Trentain