Aussie vegan hair care taps into coastal envy

For indie vegan haircare start-up Hot Tresses, innovating and manufacturing on Queensland’s Coast in Australia has been core to our business plan.

Founding Director Greer Quinn said keeping production in Australia first and foremost ensured originality and quality of their vegan and highly organic haircare range.

And the plan is already paying off as Hot Tresses has already received the honour of being included in the 2016 Oscars Gift Bags as part of the Red Carpet Style Lounge – and within just its second month of trading.

“America wants what we have in our water,” Greer said.

“There is nothing like our product anywhere in the marketplace globally, which is why it appealed to the gift bag organisers. They loved the fact our product was highly organic, vegan and Aussie-made. Australia really seems to be commanding respect in the global beauty space right now and with many celebrities becoming vegan and raising awareness against animal-testing, our launch is timely. I think the world is going through a global moral correction with people swinging away from the multinational conglomerates and looking towards smaller independent businesses with a cause.”

What might be perceived as an overnight success, is actually the culmination of almost five years of research and development alongside a team of highly innovative female chemists and hairdressers. 

“We didn’t want to be a ‘me-too’ range of haircare,” Greer said.

“As an indie startup, we knew from the outset, we needed to win on the quality of our product, rather than the size of our advertising budget.

“The beauty of working with locals is we can have more face-to-face contact which makes it easier to achieve a more intimate relationship – it naturally gives rise to more organic conversations and idea generation.”

Greer also sited faster turnaround on production lead times, the ability to innovate and adapt quickly and “authenticity” as additional benefits that come with being locally made.

“Australia has a reputation of producing high quality, eco-conscious products,” Greer said. “Overseas countries ASPIRE to be like us – why would we forfeit this just to cut corners or save money.

“Consumers a tired of animal-testing multinational conglomerates dominating the marketplace.”

Hot Tresses is already attracting a global cult-following for its 3-step air-dry haircare system. 

The Aussie brand’s philosophy helps glamorous-yet-health-conscious consumers cut dependency on heat-styling, cut down on chemicals while cutting frizz. 

“We’re quirky and eclectic, just like Australian culture itself –  no other hair care brand is mixing French green clay, paw paw enzymes, hemp, quinoa and castor seed, coconut and ylang ylang oil together.

“We’re simultaneously playing in both the organic supermarket space and high-end salon space – we’re the five-star hippie take on haircare.

“As coastal Australians, our desirable lifestyle gives us an upper hand. People want to dip their toe in, try some vegan haircare, let their hair air-dry and feel part of our boho-luxe lifestyle.”

Hot Tresses bridges the gap between natural and professional hair care. People want to make healthier and more environmentally friendly choices, just as long as it doesn’t compromise on results.

“I love that we’re attracting people who wouldn’t normally buy organic or vegan based on our product’s efficacy alone,” Greer said.

“We’re pretty excited that our new Aussie brand will had some time in the international spotlight at the Oscars Red Carpet Style Lounge event, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the quality we put out from Australia that will make or break us as a business.”


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