As a result from using Hot Tresses, hair is healthier, thicker, stronger and smoother. You’ll feel less need to use heat styling to achieve a beautiful finish. That means you’ll have more time so you are free to do the things you love!

Hot Tresses combines highly organic botanical ingredients with easily absorbable vegan proteins and carefully selected vitamin supplements. The quantity of each ingredient is balanced to so the product as a whole has the highest efficacy when it comes to cleansing, unraveling, healing and smoothing locks, making your hair best version of itself.

No one ingredient on its own is as powerful as the collective when it comes to creating that Hot Tresses ‘smoothing’ effect. Like a good recipe, each ingredient works synergistically to complement other ingredients. Even after just one wash you’ll notice your hair is smoother. Regular usage in conjunction with our REHABILITATION Plan will help return your hair to optimal condition.