Gold Coast indie haircare brand welcomes animal-testing ban plan

Although apolitical, as an indie startup, we welcome the Coalition’s announcement to introduce legislation to ban the practice as well as the sale of new cosmetics tested on animals in Australia. Not only is animal-testing archaic, barbaric and inhumane, but it also does not represent the most accurate way to test a cosmetic’s safety. There are other ways to test and develop products that do not involve subjecting bunnies and mice to cruel experiments. The fact that the Coalition has initiated this plan – covering new products animal-tested locally or overseas – is a major win for animals who have suffered and a major win for indie beauty brands like us who are standing strong on our cruelty-free values while multinationals may not for economic reasons.

The rollout

Should the Government be re-elected on July 2, we are really interested in timeframes for the roll-out of this legislation and what it will mean for all the multinational brands currently on Australian shelves when it comes to introducing new products. Australia and New Zealand are really leading the way when it comes to cruelty-free indie beauty and this represents a huge opportunity for future innovation. Let’s hope the rest of the world stands up and follows suit, so no Australian brand is ever pressured to test on animals. Regardless, if the legislation is passed, I think it’s really going to raise awareness on the topic of animal-testing.

Tested on yogis, not animals

There are other ways to create and test products that do not use this violent approach, including, from the outset, only working with safe ingredients in safe concentrations.I spent five years developing and testing Hot Tresses formulations on willing yoga students, not animals. I found yoga students were able to report back on products with great detail. They could tell me which aromatherapy blend they preferred, how well the product lathered, how their hair felt in between washes, the difference in finish when air-dried or blow-dried or the varied effects when leaving masks on for longer periods – I could not have gained this information from animal-testing. I worked with a team of highly experienced female chemists who ensured all raw ingredients met Australian cosmetic manufacturing standards, were vegan, highly organic and sulfate and paraben-free. Involving animal-testing would not have created a better product.

More accurate alternatives

Because experiments on animals are cruel, expensive, and generally inapplicable to humans, scientists have moved on to develop and use methods for studying diseases and testing products that replace animals and are actually relevant to human health. These methods include sophisticated tests using human cells and tissues “in vitro methods”, advanced computer-modeling techniques “in silico models”, and studies with human volunteers. (*reference PETA Organisation).

Cruelty FREE Hot Tresses

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