Hot Tresses organic and vegan hair care range set to be an Oscars star

Abbie Tucker of Paradise Beauty on Sovereign with Greer Quinn, founding director of Hot Tresses, a vegan organic hair care range. Picture: Regi Varghese, Story: Jenny Rogers

MIX a love of creative arts, add an interest in health and wellbeing, throw in a passion for cooking and Greer Quinn has come up with the recipe for a unique beauty range.

All the elements combined have led to the creation of Hot Tresses, an organic, vegan and cruelty-free hair care line that is already drawing international attention.

The head of her own successful Gold Coast communications agency, Greer Quinn spent the past two decades working with some of Australia’s largest consumer brands.

Friend and business partner Tamara Trentain is an entrepreneur and director of multiple companies.

While heading separate businesses, the pair spent 15 years collaborating on different brands for other firms.

“We spent years collaborating artistically and commercially, putting our heart and soul into building our client’s business but would often talk about starting our own,” Greer said.

The spark was lit when Greer approached Tamara with her idea for an organic hair care range.

Greer grew up on an organic hobby farm at the base of Mount Tamborine and began experimenting with homemade beauty products as a teen.

Her interest in health strengthened when her two young sons developed allergies and asthma.

The secret inspiration for Hot Tresses was born in the hot yoga room.

“I was attending up to five classes a week and shampooing my hair so often it was becoming dry from overwashing,” Greer said.

“I wanted a hair care product that solved the frizz factor yogis complain about while not using heat styling or chemicals.

“I’ve never owned a blow dryer or a straightening iron so I wanted a product that provided a great finish but didn’t compromise on results; I guess I was seeking the five-star hippie’s take on hair care.”

What followed was five years of intensive research and development with a team of innovative female chemists and hairdressers.

“As a passionate cook, for me the product development for the range was like creating one of my original recipes,” Greer said.

Tamara said coming on board as business partner was a “no brainer”.

“I love the ethics behind the brand and the fact that the entire range was created by Australian women,” she said.

Hot Tresses contains organic botanical ingredients including castor seed oil, ylang ylang, coconut oil, French green clay and paw paw enzymes and vegan quinoa and hemp proteins.

The three-product range includes a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in rehab treatment.

With product testing done in yoga studios with willing hot yogis and not animals, Hot Tresses has been included in the database for crowd-funded organisation Totally Cruelty Free as being vegan and cruelty-free.

Launched late last year, Hot Tresses has already scored a major coup — an invite to be included in this year’s Oscar’s gift bags.

“The organisers loved the fact our product was highly organic, Australian and vegan,” Greer said.

“We’ve obviously tapped into a market gap because as an unknown indie brand we’re already being approached by beauty influencers and retailers while building our online sales.”

The pair are now looking to expand the range.

For Greer, the biggest thrill is garnering success from a business she and Tamara have poured their hearts and soul into.

“We have backed ourselves financially and psychologically, we respect each other and back each other up and this is the result of our combined sweat equity and passion,” she said.


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