The first step is to CLEANSE with our Hot Tresses Sulfate-Free Rehabilitation Shampoo charged with French green clay and paw paw. This detoxifies your scalp, purifies the hair shafts and prepares you for maximum absorption of the goodness to come.

Next, it’s time to UNRAVEL with our intensive † Hydrating Rehabilitation Conditioner. Featuring coconut, castor seed and ylang ylang oils, knots will unravel with ease. You’ll also benefit from a B vitamin boost † a burst of vegan proteins hemp and quinoa*This can also be used during your workout as a mask, letting your body heat, the sun or the hot yoga room to amplify penetration.

Finally, it’s time to HEAL. Apply Hot Tresses Moisturising Rehabilitation Leave-In to your wet hair and spread evenly with your fingers, focusing on the ends. Leave your hair to air-dry. It’s light-weight, but backs up your hair’s healing with another dose of coconut, castor seed and ylang ylang oils along with complete vegan proteins hemp and quinoa.

*Leave In REHABILITATION does protect hair during heat-styling, although for your longer term hair health Hot Tresses recommends against heat-styling, in particular the use of straightening irons. When blow-drying, always use a cooler setting to guard against heat damage.