The five-star hippie takes on hair care

The culmination of almost five years of research and development alongside a team of highly innovative female chemists and hairdressers, Hot Tresses bridges the gap between natural and professional hair care.

The mission: a premium eco-luxe hair care range as organic as possible but without compromises on efficacy. Plus it must provide better results than chemical-laced hair care without the need for heat styling, making it easier to style your hair.

Hot Tresses soon evolved to meet the universal needs of women who wish to combat frizz, while limiting heat-styling and chemicals.

It’s also Australian born and owned, vegan and not tested on animals and subsequently has been listed on Truly Cruelty Free’s global site, PETA.

Business owner and serial wellness entrepreneur Tamara Loehr is overwhelmed with the success of the brand in such a short time.

“We may be an indie beauty brand but word of mouth really is a powerful thing. Once people try our beautiful range there is an instant improvement in their hair health; it’s shiner and smoother after just 1 wash. When friends notice and ask what they are doing differently, they are quick to share their secret – Hot Tresses,” Tamara said.

“I travel a lot for work and am also a mum of two girls. In the corporate world, women are expected to be well presented, which is why women turn to heat-styling tools despite the fact we all know they’re bad for us. My hair has grown so quickly since I have been using Hot Tresses and I hardly ever feel it needs a trim because my ends are so healthy. I love that Hot Tresses keeps my hair shiny, healthy and frizz-free. It makes me feel feminine and glamorous.”

Tamara has recently won a series of local, national and international awards after 20 years in business, including a Gold at the Stevie Female Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in New York.

“I believe in creating ethical small businesses that improve our wellness, make our lives easier, are kind to the environment and entrench social responsibility. The fact that the entire range was innovated by Australian women is also something I am really proud.”