The five-star hippie take on hair care

The culmination of almost five years of research and development alongside a team of highly innovative female chemists and hairdressers, Hot Tresses bridges the gap between natural and professional hair care.

It’s also Australian owned and made, vegan and not tested on animals and subsequently has been listed on Truly Cruelty Free’s global database.

Hot Tresses was developed under the leadership of mum of two Greer Quinn, who shifted to more natural/organic hair care during her first pregnancy in 2004.

“I wanted a hair care product that didn’t exist,” Greer explained. “I wanted something as organic as possible but without compromises on efficacy. I’ve never owned a blow dryer or a straightening iron, so I wanted a product that provided a great finish even when air-dried. And it had to smell beautiful. I guess I was seeking the five-star hippie’s take on hair care – isn’t that the paradoxical dream? A bohemian care-free life, with ample luxury?”

It was while Greer was practising hot yoga that the idea of developing a range of hair care took greater form.

Anyone who has experienced hot yoga knows that 1) you sweat during hot yoga more than you ever have in your entire life and 2) it’s highly addictive, so you’ll go as often as you can.

“I was attending up to five classes per week and shampooing my hair more than usual, so it was becoming very dry from over-washing,” she said.

“My fellow yogis were all complaining about the frizz factor, along with the time it took to re-style their hair. I know you’re not meant to think during yoga class, but it’s where I did all my early brainstorming for the range.”

Frizzy hair is not unique to yoga students. It’s commonly caused by the very appliance that’s attempting to remedy it – straightening irons. Australian humidity doesn’t help either. Hot Tresses evolved to meet the universal needs of women who wish to combat frizz, while limiting heat-styling and chemicals.

“Unravel Me (Hot Tresses Rehab Conditioner) was the first product I worked on with my compounders,” Greer said. “It set a high benchmark for the other two parts of the sequence, but I’m pleased to say after much perseverance all three products are stars in their own right. We’re already working on expanding our range with some highly innovative products. I never imagined developing a range of hair care could take on such personal meaning, but it has. My business partner Tamara [Trentain] has been an incredible support in launching our brand – we respect each other and back each other up. As an indie brand, we need that. Starting a business like this really is a big deal – we’re backing ourselves financially and psychologically. Multinational conglomerates might have more money to throw at marketing and advertising, but we have our hearts in our brand.”

For Tamara, coming on board as a co-owner of Hot Tresses was a no-brainer once she’d tried the range.

“It was seriously the best hair care range I had ever experienced,” Tamara said. “I travel a lot for work and am also a mum of two girls. In the corporate world, women are expected to be well presented, which is why women turn to heat-styling tools despite the fact we all know they’re bad for us. My hair has grown so quickly since I have been using Hot Tresses and I hardly ever feel it needs a trim because my ends are so healthy. I love that Hot Tresses keeps my hair shiny, healthy and frizz-free. It makes me feel feminine and glamorous. I love the ethics behind the brand and the fact that the entire range was innovated by Australian women.”

*Most of Hot Tresses’ product testing was done in the bathrooms of yoga studios on willing hot yogis NOT ANIMALS. Hot Tresses has been included in the database for crowd-funded organisation Truly Cruelty Free as being both vegan and cruelty-free.